7 Persuasive Reasons Why Men Should Shave Their Privates

Here are seven reasons why men should consider shaving their privates. No, I'm not talking about Privates in the Army, although a "soldier" at attention, with a shiny helmet and a loaded weapon, is definitely involved.

Most men worry obsessively about the hair on their heads but rarely give a second thought to their pubic hair. Only when the time is right with that special lady do men realize they should have spent some time grooming their privates. Guys, here are 7 compelling reasons why you should groom your pubic hair or even remove it completely.

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1. Cleanliness. The crotch is a focal point for heat, sweat, and bacteria. Cropping or removing your pubic hair makes that area much easier to keep clean, and more importantly, smelling clean and manly. She's more likely to explore that area up close if it's well maintained.

2. Novelty. The contrast between your obviously adult-sized package and your new hairlessness can be quite erotic, and not just to you! Your lover may gush over the idea of making love to what now has the illusion of being forbidden fruit.

3. It's More Inviting. If you remove most or all of her objections to performing oral sex on you, isn't it worth the trouble? Pay special attention to removing stray hairs from your shaft. Hair in the mouth sucks, but she won't if she finds one.

4. Don't Forget The Scrotum. A woman's body is playground of softness and smoothness, so don't you think she'll appreciate the same on you? A silky smooth ball sack invites both manual and oral caresses. She's far more likely to play down there if she doesn't have to use a weed-whacker to find it.

5. It's Healthier. She'll see immediately that you have no skin outbreaks or unwanted "critters" to hide. Furthermore, you will have greater manual sensitivity when you perform your periodic testicular self-exam. You do examine yourself regularly, don't you? You should. The earlier you catch any problems, the easier they are to fix.

Learn more about Testicular Self Exams (TSE) at http://my.webmd.com/hw/mens_conditions/hw234856.asp

6. It's Fun To Let Her Do It! That's right, let her shave you! This is not only an exercise in trust, but a highly-suspenseful erotic thrill ride. The danger of an ultra sharp razor in such a sensitive area, the tension of long slow razor strokes, the aching of your pulse-pounding erection, and the foamy friction of her shaving-creamed hand on your shaft can intensify your pleasure like you never thought possible. Just don't make any sudden moves.

And most importantly (to some at least):

7. It Makes Your Erection Look Huge. I'm not kidding - you will swear that you gained at least an extra inch in length! If your crotch is not groomed regularly, you probably have pubic hair at least part way up your shaft. Your penis "appears" to begin where that pubic hair ends. Remove the underbrush and your hidden length will be revealed.

When you're grooming the hair on your "big head," don't forget about the hair on the "little head" too! Whether you do it to please yourself or a partner (or both), regular pubic hair grooming or even total pubic hair removal can spice up your love life. If you like it enough, consider permanent removal methods such as laser hair removal or electrolysis.

Note that some people experience moderate to intense itching the first few days after shaving as the pubic hair grows back. You might want your first grooming experience to be at the beginning of a weekend so you're not squirming in your office chair all day Monday! The itching should decrease or stop if you continue to groom yourself regularly.

And if the guys in the gym locker room make fun of you, first ask them why they are checking out your package. In the embarrassed silence that follows, tell them why you did it, that you're having twice as much sex as they are, and what she's doing now that she wouldn't do before! Then get ready to answer their questions.

7 Persuasive Reasons Why Men Should Shave Their Privates

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Medifast Diet Program - Does it Work?

The purpose of this article is to answer the question "is the Medifast diet a good diet for most people?". This will be achieved by sharing common experiences, opinions, and feelings about it. If you are considering this diet as a weight loss solution over the Christmas and New Year period, this article will help you make your decision.

The Medifast weight loss program places your body in a metabolic state called ketosis. This is when your body is deceived into turning on itself and burning its own fat reserves. That's the reason you eat so often on this diet. It keeps your metabolism regularly burning fat over a longer period of time than can be achieved on many of the fad diets.

7 Days Weight Loss

The Medifast diet is an incredible way to lose weight and to keep the weight off for the long-term. Not only can it help you to drop the pounds, it also can help you if you are experiencing physical health problems such as diabetes. Diabetics regularly need to lose weight in order to preserve their health. However, since it is also essential to eat certain types of food because of the way your body creates insulin, it can be difficult to settle on the best way to lose weight.

This diet has a wide variety of comprehensive meal plans and an extremely helpful support structure. You are likely to find that losing weight with Medifast is much easier than any other diet you may have tried previously. If you're ready to finally get the weight off, be sure to read as much information in advance. Make sure to consult your physician before taking the plunge into better health for you and your family's future happiness.

The Medifast company points out that on it's popular 5 plus 1 plan it is common to lose two to five pounds per week. On the upper end, you may lose up to 20 pounds in 1 month. If you're on the very lower end, you may lose approx 8 pounds. Either way, these figures show that's you can achieve your goals with this diet. Most people would be very happy with these results. If you lost "only" eight pounds per month steadily, that would be 96 pounds in a years time, or 48 pounds in six months. For overweight and morbidly obese people, this is enormously life changing.

Are you still asking yourself the question "is the Medifast diet regime a good diet or not?". The answer is a definite yes. Medifast is the finest diet and weight loss system this author has seen in action, in terms of ease of use, convenience, and effectiveness. It has become a way of life now for so many people struggling daily with grind of being overweight or obese.

Medifast Diet Program - Does it Work?

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Fruit Flush Three Day Detox

The fruit flush three day detox diet is for the after-festive season cleansing. Jay Robb's methodology of ridding the body of all the indulgences during the holiday season is quite a rage.

Loosing all those kilos after the hearty meals and drinks during an extended party, a vacation or simply during festivities and regaining the figure and vitality is the mantra of this diet. Besides over indulgence in food and weight problems, the system gets clogged up and requires cleansing, hence the all fruit diet.

7 Days Weight Loss

The fruit flush is strictly a 3-day diet of just fruits. Fruits help in dissolving stored toxins and the water and fiber in them help to flush out aiding in weight reduction. It also fortifies the body and helps in speeding up the liver's metabolism of environmental toxins.

1st day: the pre-flush

Between 8 am to 4 pm drink ounces of protein mix (11/4 cup protein powder and 1 quart water) every two hours. Eat 3 to 6 cups of raw vegetable salad and 3 to 6 ounces of lean chicken, beef, fish or turkey at 6 pm. Top it up with 1 to 2 ounces of olive oil or flax seed oil, or half an avocado and the juice of half a lemon. One hour after each protein drink or meal drink an 8-12-ounce glass of water.

2nd and 3rd day: fruit flush three day detox diet

From 8 am to 4 pm eat servings of fresh fruit every 2 hours. At 6 pm, like day one eat 1 serving of raw vegetable salad. Also drink one protein drink comprising of 12 ounces of water and 5 tablespoons of protein powder.

Unlike the 30-day detox or fasts, the fruit flush three day detox diet can be followed for a period of up to 12 weeks with 3-day diet and 4 days off alternatively. The diet is based on natural fruits and vegetables and followed back-to-back aids in considerable weight loss. The program has had very good reviews; dieters say the diet is rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants and low in potassium and sodium. This not only aids in detoxifying, losing weight but also improves energy, regular bowel movements and improves skin tone.

The fruit flush diet program does not support any preservatives, laxatives, chemicals or pills; also Robb suggests no exercise regime during the diet; yet there are a few negatives.

It is a very low calorie diet, hence not a balanced one. It is not a long-term solution for weight loss and not ideal if you are on a fat loss program. Also, those who have tried it are not satisfied that you have to use Robb's protein powder. The positive reviews definitely outweigh these and several dieters use their own handy protein mixtures and still report the desired results of the fruit flush diet program!

Fruit Flush Three Day Detox

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My Review - Turbo Fire Vs Insanity

I get this question a lot. What is the difference between Insanity and Turbo fire. Insanity came out about July of 2009 and Turbo fire arrived on the scene June 2010. I have done Insanity and it is a very serious and intense program that really will push you to your limits to get you to ultimate condition. Shaun T is the trainer and does an awesome job with motivating and pushing you beyond your thresholds, But Insanity isn't for beginners at all. If you haven't worked out in years or never worked out, Insanity may not be for you. Many people see all the cardio work in Insanity and want to get it to lose weight. That's fine. The thing is Insanity is filled with very insane workouts and moves that will be very difficult for those who don't work out daily or regularly. Also if someone were to take the Insanity challenge and they were a beginner, they would have to go at their own pace because Insanity doesn't have a modifier or someone showing you how to do the moves with less impact or intensity. Insanity is also a 63 day (or about 9weeks) program based on the principles of Max Interval Training( doing exercises and drills for longer periods and having minimal rest periods) and gives you calorie burning well after you are done with the workouts. They weren't kidding when they said you will be pushed to your extremes! I completed Insanity( right after my 2 rounds of P90x 1 Lean and 1 classic Version). I felt after P90x I could take on the world and Insanity had come out during the last week of my 2nd round.

As for Turbo Fire, also Chalenen Johnson has done a fabulous job with the moves and choreography and music in Turbo Fire. You have the option of making Turbo Fire a 90 day( or 12 week) program or a 140 day( or 20 week program based on the package you purchase called advanced Classes). Also Chalene has added a Hybrid schedule with Chalean Extreme. Turbo Fire uses the principle of HIIT for their workouts. HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training which also allows you too burn calories way after your workout is over. Chalene calls it the after burn effect. To describe this well and clear...your metabolism will be raised for longer periods in turn burn more calories! Same thing occurs in Insanity. Ok here is a huge difference between Insanity and Turbo Fire...During your HIIT drills in Turbo Fire you will hear a siren the siren signals when the HIIT Drill begins. The HIIT drills last from 30 seconds-60 depending on the workout. After the HIIT drill you get the equal amount of rest time for each HIIT drill. So if you have a 30 second HIIT drill, you will get a 30 second recovery duration. In Insanity you might have a 4 minute drill and you might get a 45 second break if you are lucky. Back to the music in Turbo Fire I noticed that all the moves go with all the music in the workouts. To describe it better...you normally have to continue to look at the TV when you have to transition from move to move, not with Turbo fire! Once you have memorized the moves the music changes from move to move so you don't have to look at the TV! I think this is awesome. Plus the music used in Turbo Fire is amazing. You really don't think you are working out because the music is motivating you constantly! So is Chalene! The music in Insanity is hardcore just get it done no time for games in. Just get it done back round music. Some of the music tracks in Insanity are cool but they aren't congruent to the moves. Chalene Johnson used a great amount of time and music that will keep you jumping and kicking and really sweating. Also in Insanity you have higher reps in the moves which gives you a easier time transitioning from move to move during Shaun T's drills. In Turbo Fire HIIT drills..let's use a 60 second HIIT Drill, you might do 7 different moves within the HIIT drill about 3 times. Now that is tough trust me! Take in mind like I said the music helps you know when to switch to the next move.

7 Days Weight Loss

I can honestly say Turbo Fire is fun and challenging at the same time. Turbo fire and Insanity are 2 Challenging workouts. Also beginners can do Turbo Fire because there is a modifier for each move! Also there is a Prep Schedule in the Turbo Fire guide in case you feel you aren't ready for the Turbo Fire Challenge. Also both Trainers, Shaun T an Chalene Johnson are awesome Trainers and motivators. They have their own styles and personalities. Always pick the workout that is best for you and your current physical condition. I had a great time doing Insanity and I am having a great time with Turbo fire.

Both in home fitness programs are for men and woman. Both will get you into better condition than when you started. Also remember it is good to mix things up in your fitness lifestyle so you stay motivated. Both are set to 6 days of working out weekly. Both programs have a nutrition and program guide to help you along the way to the new you. Both programs require minimal equipment. In Turbo fire you will use a resistance band and a lower body band( lower body band is included in base package). Insanity uses just your body weight. Both have Deluxe or extended packages with tougher workouts. Insanity has 3 additional workouts in the deluxe and Turbo Fire has 5 additional works in the deluxe. Both suggest you use the results and recovery formula from P90x for better results and recovery. Both require that you bring your game face when it is time to workout! Both require you to be and stay hydrated for better health.Both can be done in the privacy of your home if you don't like going to the gym. Or both can be used to in your normal routine at the gym to spice up your current fitness routine.Both will allow you to lose weight and get into great shape if you follow their nutrition guides or a healthy clean diet.

It all boils down to which is right for you my friends! Have a great time on your fitness journey! We only get one life so let's be happy and healthy. Continue to push play everyday.

My Review - Turbo Fire Vs Insanity

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1500 Calorie Diet Menu and Meal Plan

1500 diet menu and meal plan is one of the effective ways to lose weight. This plan gives a nominal amount of calories that are required to support the metabolism and the daily functioning of the body. Weight loss in this case is induced by consuming fewer calories than what we consume normally. This 1500 diet plan provides the right amount of calories which will stimulate weight loss and at the same time will keep your body energetic and filling that you will never feel that you are on a diet.

The best way to start with a 1500 calorie diet menu is to strip your refrigerator of all the junk food. Go grocery shopping and fill your fridge with a lot of fruits, vegetables, nominal amount of dairy products and skinless chicken. Throw away all carbonated drinks like sodas and diet sodas. Your primary source of fluids during this period should come from water, green tea and zero calorie beverages.

7 Days Weight Loss

The next step that you need to do before starting on the diet plan is to talk with your doctor or a dietitian or seek the help of a professional health expert. Be sure that you are taking in the right nutrients during the entire dieting period. Only if you get a green signal for your diet plan here from the doctors, should you proceed with your plan. Do not follow diet plans on your own as it is very risky and you may irrevocably destroy the body that you now have.

Once you have done all this, you are ready to start with a plan.

Sample 1500 calorie diet plan: With a 1500 calorie meal plan dieting will not be a grueling or boring process. You have a lot of options to make up the 1500 calories every day. You should aim at attaining 30 percentage of necessary fat content, 40 percent of proteins and 30 percent of carbs for a day.

Sample Diet 1:


The breakfast in a 1500 calorie diet plan typically consists of one and a half cup of shredded wheat meal, one and a half cup of skimmed milk and half a cup of juicy strawberries.

Mid Morning Snack:

You can have scrambled eggs that include one whole egg and the white of four other eggs and half a grape fruit.


Lunch should primarily consist of half a cup of brown rice, hundred and ten grams of skinless chicken and hundred and eighty grams of beans.

Evening Snack:

Hundred and fifty grams of salmon, a cup of cooked broccoli and 150gms of yams can be taken as an evening snack.


110gms of chicken breast, three table spoons of light Italian dressing and two cups of mixed green salad will make up the dinner. Make sure that you have your dinner at least two to three hours before you go to bed.

Sample Diet 2:


You can have a spoonful of peanut butter splattered on whole wheat low fat bread for breakfast.

Morning snack:

Your morning snack can be made as small low fat yoghurt that is topped with teaspoon full of ground flaxseeds.


For lunch you can have two cups of steamed vegetables along with a mixed salad topped with olives and vinegar and three ounces of mahi mahi that is grilled.

Afternoon Snack:

You can treat yourself with a small apple and a spoonful of natural peanut butter.

Dinner: Dinner can be chiefly made of a salad that is comprised of two cups of lettuce or spinach seasoned with a pinch of salt and a squirt of lemon, two hard boiled eggs, a thin slice of turkey, a thin slice of chicken, half a tomato and quarter a cup of sunflower seeds.

The above mentioned diet plans are not a prescription. They can be taken as the starting point to begin fat and weight loss. Taking these as a base you can devise your own diet plans. Make sure that they are rich in proteins, carbs and also has adequate amount of essential fats. Fats can come from plant based foods such as olives, olive oil and avocado. Skinless, boneless chicken, turkey and fish are good sources of protein. Fresh fruits and vegetables and whole wheat products are rich in carbs. But always remember, before embarking on a diet plan it is absolutely critical to get the approval of an expert, a doctor or a dietician.

Also find out the consecutive number of days this weight plan should be sticked on to. Following such low calorie diets for a prolonged period of time can seriously affect the metabolism and the balance of your body. It should be followed only for the prescribed period of time for which the body can withstand the effects of the low calorie intake. So be sure to do a lot of ground research before you start with your diet plan.

1500 Calorie Diet Menu and Meal Plan

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Lose Weight in 10 Days

Almost as impossible as it may sound, there are really diets these days that promise to give the weight you have been longing for so long in just a span of 10 days! Am I crazy? There is the cabbage soup diet which is a fat burning soup that comprises of small amounts of calorie. So the concept would be, the more soup you take it, the more fat you are going to shed. In this, a person is permitted to eat as much cabbage soup they longed for in a day and they are also allowed to drink a lot of water and occasional set of foods. This is good news for most dieters thinking that they do not have to starve to death just to get the body that they want.

According to telltale, cabbage diet was first used among hospitals, but this allegation was proven erroneous since there is no single hospital that claims they are practicing such on their own. Be reminded however that giving your body time to lose weight in 10 days is not a very good idea since your nourishment will be sacrificed. In view of this, medical advice is still needed before trying out the program.

7 Days Weight Loss

Guarantee! Simply eat as much of the soup for a week and you can say goodbye to 10-15 pounds! For best result, the cabbage recipe should vary each day; sometimes it may include low-calorie vegetables which include tomatoes, onion soup mix, onions, and tomato juice. Follow the daily food guide to truly lose weight in 10 days.

Another method to shed off ugly fats in 10 days is by calorie shifting. Truth is, because the body have its own routine in terms of the food you eat, it gets accustomed with the process of burning the same calorie day by day. With this, no matter if you indulged in normal diet and eat lesser than the usual, the body will eventually adapt to the change so it would also burn less. This result for people to think that eating less is a very slow process and sometime may not be effective in getting rid of unnecessary weight.

This is where calorie shifting comes into the scene, with a purpose of taking over the routine wherein you will have to consume 4 meals in each day but only food with different calorie values. The moment when the body recognizes this change, the body will try to go one with the adjustment that will lead in burning more calories than the usual.

Either you go for cabbage soup diet or calorie shifting, it does not really matter. They pose a great health risk given the fact that your body nutritional needs are deprived. How would you feel if you have a nicely shaped body but it is weakening all the time? With this, it is advisable to consult first a physician whether it would be safe to try it yourself. Never attempt to do this if you are suffering from a major physical illness, take your safety with utmost consideration.

Lose Weight in 10 Days

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Weight Loss Motivation

The following weight loss motivation tips are meant to jump start your desire to lose weight. Your strategy is key. You are fighting a fat loss battle that you can win. Start by implementing these ten simple tips for a solid foundation on the road to a slimmer you.

1. Do not skip meals, especially breakfast or lunch. Contrary to what you may think, you hurt your chances of losing weight when you skip meals. There are studies that show skipping meals causes your body to fight back. Your body responds by slowing down the rate you burn calories. This is not what you want. You are much better off eating several mini meals a day.

7 Days Weight Loss

Eat 5 to 6 smaller meals throughout your day. Do not go longer than 5 hours without eating. You should also establish a last meal time for your day. For instance, you may decide not to eat after 8pm.

2. Solely doing stomach and leg exercises will help lose belly fat and flabby thighs. Wrong!!! Losing fat comes from your total fat reserve. In actuality, you are better off taking a 20 minute brisk walk 3 days per week than doing 100 sit-ups each day.

3. Use daily physical activities to burn calories and get fit. Hey, all fair when it comes to weight loss. Perform your daily chores and activities with vigor. If you do this, you have no need to find a large amount of extra time for exercising.

4. Assess your readiness to lose weight. If you reluctantly go into your weight loss endeavor with the wrong attitude, you're doomed. It may prove stressful and result in a negative experience. What's the answer? Find weight loss activities that are fun for you. There's everything from focusing on healthier food items you like to finding additional physical activities that are fun. For instance, you can lose weight dancing, taking self defense classes, walking, and competitions. Most importantly, do not put pressure on yourself. Take it one day at a time. The results will come.

5. Cut back your food portions. Use smaller bowls and plates; get rid of leftovers immediately; cut back on how much food you make; when having your meals, eat foods such as vegetables, salads, and fruits first.

6. If you can't give up your favorite snack foods, then go for the mini sizes instead. You can buy cookies, chips, and other snacks in 100 calorie mini bags. This way, you can still enjoy these things without worrying about the excessive extra calories.

7. Cut back on high calorie beverages. Pay attention to what you drink. Substitute more water into your diet.

8. Don't neglect your sweet tooth. Instead, find high fat/calorie ingredient substitutes for items such as sugar, butter, honey, and whole milk.

9. Remove temptation. This way, you take away some of the pressure to resist.

10. When you eat out, make sure you've eaten your mini meals during the day; order from the menu first; ask questions, and fill up on water, diet drinks, and salad before the main meal comes.

If you'd like more weight loss motivation you'll love this article titled Letter to Your Belly Fat. Take a peek.

Weight Loss Motivation

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Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers - Discover 17 Secrets to a Healthy Easy Weight Loss Without Dieting

1. Cut Back on the Sweets: Statistics show that the average person consumes approximately a 1/2 pound of sugar per day. This may very well be related to the growing number obese people in our country. The number 1 weight loss tips for teenagers is to find foods with less than 5 milligrams of sugar per serving. The important thing to remember is that the more sugar you eat, the more sugar you will crave and the less sugar you consume, the better you will feel.

2. Avoid white starches: If you do away with all white starches; such as, white pasta, white rice, white bread, crackers, potatoes, etc. and replace them with whole grain choices instead, over time, you are almost guaranteed an easy weight loss. Eat brown rice, for example, and whole wheat bread and pasta. The white starches are refined and may cause insulin deficiency over time and possibly develop diabetes in the future. In the short term, white starches cause you to pack on the pounds, especially around your belly.

7 Days Weight Loss

3. Give up all fats that are solid at room temperature: This is another category of white foods that once eliminated, will help you with easy weight loss. This means eliminate butter, margarine and white cheese. Butter is really white, but dyed yellow to make it more appealing to the consumer. And who really knows how healthy it is ingesting this dye!

4. Eat little baby carrots instead of junk food; such as, potato chips: You could potentially lose up to 9 pounds within a year with this one weight loss tips for teenagers.

5. Eat a protein snack: A snack on protein will make you feel full for around 40 minutes longer than someone who has not had a snack of protein.

6. Drink skim milk at every meal: Dairy foods help you to burn fat instead of storing them. Replacing soda or sweetened tea with skim milk will save you around 150 - 300 calories per day, leading to a healthy easy weight loss of around 25 pounds in a year.

7. Drink lots of water: Experts tell you to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking plenty of water raises your metabolism and helps you to avoid retaining fluid.

8. Use the kitchen only for cooking and eating: Otherwise you will find yourself snacking even when you are not hungry.

9. Don't eat anywhere but at the kitchen table: You will pay more attention to what and how you're eating and staying out of the kitchen, except at meal times, will reduce the chances of mindless snacking.

10. Put the fork down between each bite: This will force you to slow down. By slowing down, you will feel when you are full and keep you from over eating, which will help in your endeavor to a healthy easy weight loss without dieting.

11. Brush your teeth after each meal: Some successful weight loss gurus swear that by brushing your teeth after each, you seem to send a signal to your body that you're done eating. It also makes your breath feel fresh without relying on gum and mints made with sugar that can set you up to crave something else sweet.

12. Limit your after school snacking to 10 or 20 minutes and brush your teeth afterward. You'll send a signal to your body that you're done and then you can focus on more important things, like homework.

13. Go outside and get some sun: "Too little sunlight can trigger cravings for high calorie, fatty carbs like cakes, cookies, ice cream and chips", says one weight loss expert. Especially in the winter, get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. Your body needs the sunlight to help produce serotonin, which is a hormone in our brains that helps us feel good and control cravings.

14. Stop Stressing out: I know it is easier said than done, but stress can turn on your body's hormones that control fat storage. This can happen especially around your abdomen and can increase your appetite for carbohydrates. To prevent stress and what it can do to your diet, try exercising every day.

15. Focus on small goals: Setting easier goals to attain, such as losing 5 - 10 pounds, is easier to succeed and helps motivate you for the larger goals that once may have seemed impossible to achieve.

16. Believe that you can change: In one study, women who worked on changing their thinking process were the most successful at losing weight.

17. Get plenty of sleep: Studies show that it is possible to lose weight while sleeping. That means that lack of sleep can impair your body's ability to process and store carbohydrates and also to regulate blood sugar and hormones.

By following these 17 weight loss tips for teenagers, you should be well on your way to a healthy easy weight loss without dieting.

Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers - Discover 17 Secrets to a Healthy Easy Weight Loss Without Dieting

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7-Minute Bodyweight Circuit for Weight Loss

One thing we have to lose from our workout mindsets is the idea of this "60-minute workout". Forget about spending that much time in the gym. Instead, choose better exercises that are more efficient. This will allow you to get your workout done faster, eliminating the "no time" workout excuse.

To do so, you need to eliminate irrelevant exercises. I know you want to do an exercise for shoulders, and one for arms, and one for abs, and one for this and that. But before you do, ask yourself, will these really get me to my goal, or have I just been convinced by bodybuilding magazines that I need 40 sets per workout to get results?

7 Days Weight Loss

Now, taking those lessons, we can then create some pretty incredible bodyweight workouts as well. And these bodyweight workouts can get finished fast!

In fact, here is a 7-minute bodyweight circuit that can help you lose weight, burn calories, and blast your metabolism. You don't need machines or weights. You can do this anywhere!

Bodyweight squat (10-20 reps)

Pushup (10-20 reps) - do it on your knees if you must

Reverse Lunge (10 reps per leg)

Plank (30 second hold)

Close-grip Pushup (10-20 reps)

Side Plank (20 second hold per side)

Mountain Climber (10 reps per side)

Do this with no rest between exercises. Rest 1 minute at the end of the 7-minute circuit and repeat up to 3 times.

If you are a beginner, do fewer reps and take longer rests.

It's a tough, tough bodyweight circuit, especially the combination of two exercises late in the circuit. This combo literally exhausted me to my knees...twice...before I was able to finish the exercise. And that was on round. You can do the circuit up to 3 times.

Another weapon in your fat loss arsenal. Now you'll know how to train efficiently and eat effectively for fat loss.

Don't wait any longer to get started,

7-Minute Bodyweight Circuit for Weight Loss

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HCG Weight Loss

The HCG weight loss phenomenon has helped people burn off stored fat that causes weight problems. People who religiously adhere to the HCG diet lose 1 to 2 pounds per day, given that they follow a strict low calorie diet with the methods from which HCG is administered.

There are two ways of administering HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). First is through the traditional method, designed by Dr. Simeons, from which the original protocol of HCG injections is done in a daily basis. However, in the recent years HCG drops have been developed to steer clear of encounters with needles and the hassles of visiting the HCG clinic everyday. With the development of HCG drops, weight loss cannot get any more convenient and made simple.

7 Days Weight Loss

However, some naysayers would provide misinformation about HCG. One existing misinformation is that HCG does not make you lose any weight. This is true when you don't adhere to the proper instructions of going about your HCG diet. To lose weight through the HCG diet, you have to keep a low calorie diet. This means that you will have to forget about your normal day to day diet and abide by the rules of the HCG program, which is first and foremost a 500 calorie diet. From this misinformation, comes the second misinformation, which claims that HCG does not help in weight loss, but it is the low calorie diet that causes it. Though in a way, it is true to lose a lot of weight if you keep a low calorie diet, it is an unfortunate fact that without HCG, your body will lose the healthy fat and muscle as well.

As for HCG weight loss, it picks and eliminates unwanted fat, while leaving your body's healthy fat and muscle in place. It also allows your metabolism to restart, making it work harder and lose weight than it did before.

HCG Weight Loss

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10 Day Diet For Massive Weight Loss

Here's a "beyond simple" 10 day diet that achieves massive weight loss results. There's nothing extreme to this diet, you won't starve, and you'll have plenty of energy.

This is a great "10 day fix" to get some quick weight loss when necessary.

7 Days Weight Loss

10 Day Diet For Massive Weight Loss

1. Eat eggs

On this diet, I want you to eat as many eggs as you want, whenever you want. It's as simple as that. Since eggs are high in protein and fill you up, they're perfect to eat all day long.

2. Backeye Peas

Blackeye peas are perfect for this diet because of their high protein and high fiber content. Lot of protein and lots of fiber help to keep your hunger under control. Just eat 1 can of blackeye peas... cost about 50 cents.

3. Chicken breasts

Chicken breasts are great because they're high in protein and have no fat or carbs. They work good with both eggs and blackeye peas to create a very high protein meal with some good fiber. Eat 1-2 chicken breasts each day on this diet.

4. Water packed tuna

Each can of water packed tuna has 33 grams of protein for just 60 cents. It's a good value. Since tuna is versatile, I like it a lot even though by itself I don't really like it's taste. But mixed into eggs or blackeye peas, they're doable. Eat 1-2 cans of tuna a day on this diet.

5. Dark grapes

Dark grapes are a superior choice for snacks since they're high in water content. Basically, you're eating water. It's a good and simple way to get a lot of water each day. Eat as many grapes as you want each day.

This is a simple, yet powerful, 10 day diet that leads to a massive weight loss each time you use it.

10 Day Diet For Massive Weight Loss

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Water With Lemon For Weight Loss

Most people do not understand why we need water with lemon for weight loss. Most people work out trying to lose weight but do not drink the desired amount therefore do not lose much weight in the process.

So how much lemon should we take each day to see weight loss?

7 Days Weight Loss

Experts say you need 8 ounces of water with lemon per day - that's just for the average person. If you're overweight you will need more. As a rule of thumb you should be having 8-10 half pint glasses a day or 4 pint glasses for good weight loss.

So why do experts say water with lemon for weigh loss is so important?

Well for a start, your bodily organs need water. If they do not get enough they will not function properly at there optimal point. For instance you kidney stores fat if it does not get enough fluid so it is very important you drink lots of water with lemon for weight loss.

Your body and brain tells your kidney that you don't have enough fluid so your kidney will store all the water it can because it does not know when it will next get some. The water will get stored all over your body and mainly places you don't want it like your belly.

You also need fluid in your body to flush out toxins buy sweating through the skin and through urine. This allows that stored fat to be turned into fuel. You will then be able to easily burn that fat off with exercise.

Here is the good news when you start to drink water with lemon for weight loss on a regular basis. Your body will realize this and will not store as much fluid giving you every chance to lose weight fat. This might take a few weeks to happen but just keep drinking lots of water and you will see a massive improvement.

What to drink, cold water or hot water?

I get asked this question a lot and to be honest with you it really does not matter. Some experts say you can drink more water if it's hot but others say it's healthier if you drink cold. Both hot and cold are good for you but the choice is yours.

The main thing is drinking the water weather it is hot or cold. Don't get too concerned about the temperature. Go with what you feel is best for you if you like drinking water cold then do that and like wise with hot water. But what I will say is don't drink to much at once experts say drinking a lot at one go can be bad for you. Just stick to a pint at a time drinking 4 pints a day and spread then out and you will be fine.

Drinking water with lemon for weight loss is grate because it adds a nice taste to your water. It's much better than drinking plain water and it adds other benefits too. Lemon is a good source of vitamin C which is good for the body and skin. Lemon also helps you lose weight but there is a secret to it. The water must be warm!

We all know water with lemon for weight loss is good for us but you need to be careful when drinking pints of water before you go to bed it can interrupt your sleep by going to the bathroom all night.

Water With Lemon For Weight Loss

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3 Day Egg Grapefruit Diet - Rapid Weight Loss

The 3 day egg and grapefruit diet is based on that the grapefruit is thermogenic and will help you lose weight more rapid. This diet is also known as the "3 Day Diet" or "Egg Grapefruit Diet".

The normal grapefruit diet is based on a 12 day diet which is a pretty long time to stay on this diet. Some people are not able to stay with the strict guidelines for 12 days and then the egg and grapefruit 3 day diet is a faster way. Some people also consider the 3 day diet to be healthier for you body since you only "punish" it for a short time.

7 Days Weight Loss

One thing to consider before starting this diet is that grapefruit juice can interfere with some drugs. Never drink grapefruit juice or eat grapefruit within 45 minutes of taking any kind of medications.

The 3 Day Egg and Grapefruit Diet Menu

This menu is monotone but the reward is great if you stick to it.

1 Cup of black coffee 1 Egg 1 Slice of wheat toast ½ Grapefruit
½ Grapefruit Mixed salad 1 Tablespoon olive oil as dressing 1 cup of black coffee
½ Grapefruit 4 Ounces of any meat, baked, broiled or sauteed in olive oil Mixed salad Steamed veggies (all you can eat)

This is the menu for 3 day egg grapefruit diet. If you need a snack in between these are things that are allowed. As a snack you can add one apple, one egg (whites only) or a wheat toast. This should only be done if you feel really hungry.

If you stick to this diet for 3 days you should notice a healthy weight loss. The bad thing about this diet is that it's really hard to keep the weight away afterwards. For a longer lasting diet you should consider the 12 day grapefruit diet, but this 3 day egg and grapefruit diet is a great way to jump start any diet.

3 Day Egg Grapefruit Diet - Rapid Weight Loss

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The Fastest Weight Loss Diet Ever?

Are you looking for the fastest weight loss diet ever? Maybe you are trying to control your calorie intake in order to lose weight? Or maybe you are even thinking about trying cabbage soup diet?

Dieting can be a torture for someone who really wants to lose weight. This is because a lot of sacrifice has to be made. You usually have to give up your favorite food.

7 Days Weight Loss

However, regardless of how tough it is, it is something that needs to be done. You can't eat everything and expect to lose weight at the same time. At the very least, even if you can't get rid of them from your diet entirely, you should at least reduce your intake of these unhealthy food.

When you are discipline enough to follow a diet, you are not only controlling your calorie intake, you are also working towards a healthier and more attractive you, which will in turn increase your self image and self esteem.

If you have been searching for the fastest weight loss diet ever, you must have come across countless diet plans. Almost everyone of them will claim to be the fastest weight loss diet ever. Here comes the problem though. With so many diet plans to choose from, how do you know which one really works?

Well, here is one secret you should know. No one program or plan can ever become the fastest weight lose diet ever. Why?

Well, the truth is, a diet plan that is suitable for thousands of people may not necessary be suitable for you. Yes, that particular plan may be the fastest weight loss diet ever for thousands of people. Unfortunately, it can also be the slowest weight loss diet ever for you.

On the other hand, the fastest weight loss diet ever for you may not necessary be suitable for someone else. There are many factors that can come into play which will affect the results one will get by following a particular diet plan.

You are probably quite lost by now and you are not too sure how to get started. Here are a few tips that may help you design the fastest weight loss diet ever for yourself.

1) Before you even begin your weight loss program, it is always a good idea to ask for advice from your doctor. He may be able to help you reach your goal in the shortest possible time safely.

2) Keep a diet journal. Record down what you eat daily. You want to know what you are eating every single day. If you do not record anything, you may overeat without even being aware of it. By taking down notes, you will begin to understand more about yourself and your eating pattern.

3) It is almost always safe to say that you should avoid these 3 types of food, namely, fatty, sweet and processed food. Of course, I am talking about unhealthy sweet food here. Sweet, healthy food like fruits should definitely be part of your diet.

There are many more tips that can help you achieve the fastest weight loss diet ever. However, the 3 tips above is a good start.

The Fastest Weight Loss Diet Ever?

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7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet Plan - The Safe and Easy Way to Lose Weight!

Have you heard that the Cabbage Soup Diet Plan is something that you may follow to lose as much as 10 pounds in just one week? It is a temporary eating plan. Remember that you will not need to follow this on a permanent basis. This diet has been known to be famous for many years now because it is a practical way to lose weight in a hurry.

It is very easy to follow, and some even get to enjoy doing it. Losing much weight in just a week proposes many possibilities--a renewed sense of confidence, being able to fit into fashionable clothes, an exciting new career even. The cabbage soup will consist mainly of the foods that you will normally eat. You can eat the cabbage soup as often as you want, and the quantity of the soup is dependent on your cravings. The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan will not require you to buy expensive supplements and foods. Below are the guides:

7 Days Weight Loss

Day One: You can eat all fruits except bananas.
Day Two: You may eat as much fresh fruit as you can.
Day Three: You may eat all the soup, vegetables, and fruits you want on this particular day.
Day Four: You may eat up to eight bananas with an unlimited quantity of skim milk.
Day Five: This day is reserved for tomatoes and beef.
Day Six: You may eat all the beef and vegetables plus soup on this day.
Day Seven: You may eat brown rice, unsweetened fruits, and vegetables.

It really is very easy to follow, right? Try the Cabbage Soup Diet Plan today and see the difference! You will lose pounds in as short as seven days.

7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet Plan - The Safe and Easy Way to Lose Weight!

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Weight Loss - Lose 7 Pounds in Three Days

If you want to slim down fast, then here is a plan for you. It's a three day metabolic jump start, one built on foods that decrease hunger as they increase calorie burn.

People who have tried many other diets have had great success with this plan. It uses thermogenic foods, which boost metabolism up to 20%. Dieters say they can literally feel their metabolism heat up. They also claim to be more satisfied with less food. They say they didn't fail on the other diets, the other diets failed them. This one works.

7 Days Weight Loss

Here are some the metabolism boosting foods.

Eggs: proteins stimulate the metabolism more than any other nutrient, and eggs are perhaps the most nutrient dense of all proteins.

Salsa - Capsaicin, (what that gives peppers in their heat), stimulates the release of adrenaline, revving metabolism by up to 20%.

Coffee -The amount of caffeine in two cups of coffee cuts hunger by 35% and revs metabolism by about 50 cal.

Steel cut oatmeal - Extra fiber means this hot cereal help flush calories through the intestines unabsorbed. The fiber is so filling, people who have it at breakfast consume 33% less at midday.

Coconut oil - The complex makeup of this organic fat stimulates metabolism as it is broken down, revving up calorie burn by up to 50%.

Cinnamon - Only one half teaspoon of cinnamon makes your body metabolize sugar 20 times quicker, resulting in less hunger and fewer fat storage hormones.

Apple cider vinegar - The acetic acid in vinegar cuts the production of fat storage hormones and so the food you eat makes your appetite feel more satiated.

Seafood - Salmon and tuna.have anti-hunger and anti-craving properties that also boost your metabolic rate, so that you can lose up to 20% more weight.

Nuts. Studies show that eating nuts can make you feel full for up to 60 minutes longer than if you ate the a non fat food with the same amount of calories.

Weight Loss - Lose 7 Pounds in Three Days

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Easy Weight Loss Plan

If you want to lose weight safely, then you need an easy weight loss plan, one that you can follow to lose the weight you want. Losing weight is not all that hard if you have an easy weight loss plan that you can stick to.

Being overweight is not only uncomfortable, but it can cause health problems as well. There are more overweight children and adults now than ever before. Getting started with an easy weight loss plan is the hardest part but once you have your weight loss plan in place; you can start seeing results very quickly. It is also important to note that any weight loss plan should include a good exercise program, one that you can workout a minimum of three days each week.

7 Days Weight Loss

Here are a few tips to an easy weight loss plan that you can start today. Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of an easy weight loss plan. They are loaded with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants which are all part of a healthy diet. Being low in calories also helps you keep your overall calorie count down making it easier to stick to your easy weight loss plan.

What about proportions? A one cup serving of pasta means ½ cup of cooked pasta, however most restaurants serve about four servings per plate. Rather than finish it off and clean your plate, ask to take it home in a take out container. Again, this helps you stay with your easy weight loss plan.

Another way to staying on your easy weight loss plan is to eat five to seven small meals per day. Rather than stuff yourself two or three times a day, this will help keep your blood sugar levels in balance. Try going for the wholesome fresh foods as a part of your easy weight loss plan. You want to avoid fast food and processed foods as they are higher in sodium and fat content. They are not a part of your easy weight loss plan.

An easy weight loss plan does not include sugary drinks such as sodas but it does include water. As everybody knows you should drink eight glasses of water each day. This helps your body stay hydrated and it also makes you feel fuller. So be sure to make water a big part of your easy weight loss plan.

There are many other things you can make as a part of your easy weight loss plan but you don't want to be too restrictive that you find it hard to stay with your weight loss plan. Allow yourself a treat once in a while as a reward for sticking to your easy weight loss plan. You will find it much easier to lose weight if you are not feeling pressured.

Lastly as mentioned earlier, a good routine exercise program is essential for weight loss. If you can workout three times each week and include a good cardiovascular workout, you will see that you will lose weight faster than if you do not exercise. All of this combines for an easy to follow easy weight loss plan.

Easy Weight Loss Plan

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Weight Loss Tricks - How to "Cheat" Weight Loss by Losing Weight Quickly Without Much Effort!

Here are some weight loss tricks that allow you to cheat your way to losing a lot of weight quickly. If you have a few minutes a day, then you have enough time to start REALLY losing some serious weight.

Weight Loss Tricks

7 Days Weight Loss

1. Spinning to balance hormones for rapid weight loss

Balanced hormones are a key to losing weight. Since most people don't have balanced hormones, most people are fat and have a hard time losing weight. Spinning is increasingly becoming really popular for weight loss due to the fact that it does balance the hormones.

So if you spin around in a circle... much like what kids do naturally, you can unleash your body's own natural ability to lose weight quickly and efficiently even if you don't change your diet or exercising. So get spinning! It only takes 15 seconds.

2. Belly rubs

To burn off fat deposits from your stomach, rub your hands together for 15 seconds (to generate friction heat) and then rub small circles around the belly button.

Do this for 25-40 seconds each time and for a few minutes twice a day. This works because of the heat... it attacks the fat cells. To put a picture to it, basically the fat cells get zapped and loosen up and get shuttled out of your body.

3. Eat apples

Ok, ok, this isn't anything new or exciting like the above 2 tips. I know, but that doesn't mean eating 2-3 apples a day doesn't significantly help with weight loss. IT DOES!

You can literally lose a few pounds a month with just this tip alone. So why wouldn't you take every opportunity to get rid of every extra pound that you can? So why not cheat weight loss and use these weight loss tricks so you can start making your extra weight disappear without much effort at all?

Weight Loss Tricks - How to "Cheat" Weight Loss by Losing Weight Quickly Without Much Effort!

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Dog Walking and Weight Loss

Everything I needed to know about losing weight, I learned while walking my dog. Okay, I was walking lots of people's dogs. About five hours a day. In half-hour increments. But I lost weight and you can too!

When I left corporate America and started my own pet-care business in 2003 I had a few nagging pounds that I wanted to lose.

7 Days Weight Loss

Those pounds were there, in no small part to the amount of 'quick food' I was grabbing between meetings, deadlines and work. You know, the doughy-sugary crumb-covered goodie you pick up when you head out for your skim latte? How about the 2 bags of chips from the vending machine when you're cranking out yet another client proposal at the expense of lunch?

I started my own business and within a month I was down nearly 5 pounds. In two months it had doubled and I was breathing easy in my 'skinny jeans.'


I was working as hard (or harder) than I had when I worked for someone else. My time was still at the mercy of the clients, proposals and all the office work that accompanied my new venture but...my business FORCED me to exercise!

I started Peggie's Pet Service focused on walking big dogs - the dogs that some folks can be intimidated by - just by the name of their breed - American Staffordshire Terriers (more commonly referred to as "Pit Bulls"); Rottweilers; Dobermans; German Shepherds and Chow Chows. As a new business owner, I was (and still am) happy to walk any dog that wants to spend part of his or her day out of the house and on a leash. I also made the commitment that there would be no 'pack walks.' What this meant was that in order to make money I needed to be walking. Every day. From 10 am to 4 pm. There were a lot of miles logged on my walking shoes that year and the payoff was a healthier body and more comfortable clothing.

Somehow all that fresh air and walking (in 100 degree humidity, torrential downpours and snow) had me hankering for quick foods that gave me energy rather than depleted it. I no longer had time for that 'after lunch lull.' As a matter of fact lunch-time was always spent on the road or on my feet - with a wagging tail beside me.

Here's what I learned about weight loss while walking dogs:

1. Have fun;

2. Every dog has his own pace (and you can too);

3. When something interesting happens along your path, stop and investigate;

4. Vary your routine (or route);

5. Meet new people;

6. Be in the moment;

7. Look forward to the walk and make the most of it;

8. Stick to your commitment - no matter the weather (I admit, there were plenty of days I didn't 'feel' like walking, but it was my JOB at the end of the day I always felt better)

9. Look forward to the treats (reward yourself when you do well!)

Wow! I was onto something! Why didn't everyone do this I wondered?

So, all of you who have added "get in shape," "lose 10 pounds" or "get fit" to your annual resolutions - think about adding dog-walking to your regimen. Even if you don't have 6 hours a day to dedicate to walking - add one or two extra walks into each day and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. I guarantee your attitude will improve (it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE to NOT have fun with a dog on a walk!); you'll get some great cardio and you'll be creating a habit that will last a life time!

Don't have a dog of your own? Volunteer at the local animal welfare league or with a rescue group. Foster a dog in need of temporary housing ... Or work with a local pet-care company!

(c) 2005-2006 Peggie Arvidson-Dailey

Dog Walking and Weight Loss

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Is Acupuncture Actually Effective for Weight Loss?

Losing weight is a goal of many individuals who may be overweight or obese. Many have tried just about every diet program or exercise routine that they can find, often with varying success. There is no magical cure for obesity or being overweight, and the secret to losing weight and maintaining weight loss lies in lifestyle changes that includes eating right and exercising. However, although the exact reasons for its success are unknown, acupuncture has helped individuals lose weight when it is combined with exercising and eating healthy.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that involves the insertion of thin, sterile needles into certain points on the body. These points are specifically chosen depending on the goals of the treatment. Acupuncture has been used to provide relief to many individuals experiencing a variety of ailments or illnesses including infertility, pain, etc. When used for weight loss, specific points are chosen as well. The belief is that acupuncture helps to release positive energy that pushes out negative energy in the process. When energies get blocked, practitioners of acupuncture believe that this may manifest in various ailments. Energy may become blocked following trauma, stress, poor diet or lack of exercise.

7 Days Weight Loss

Acupuncture helps to release endorphins, which help to relax the patient and have a calming effect. Acupuncture has been known to help relieve stress, which may otherwise lead to overeating or stress eating. Many individuals overeat to deal with stress in their daily lives and learning to manage stress is important for a variety of health reasons. There are many activities or steps that individuals may take to reduce stress and deal with it such as finding a hobby they enjoy, exercising regularly, or eliminating stressors in one's everyday life. Acupuncture is another treatment that may be helpful.

Points used for acupuncture for weight loss include those around the mouth (especially if the individual also smokes), stomach, lung, endocrine, spleen, kidney, thyroid, adrenal, ovary, etc. Points on the body are also selected. The points chosen may differ depending on the patient and the practitioner may be able to shed further light on the individual's specific treatment. Treatment may be performed once a day for the first few days and then every other day for the next couple of weeks. Each plan may be different and future treatments spaced throughout the year may also be performed once the initial treatment plan is complete or once the patient achieves certain weight loss goals.

Is Acupuncture Actually Effective for Weight Loss?

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Does Stress Affect Weight Loss?

There are many different reasons for a person to loose their appetite. Both men and women are prone to loosing their appetite due to sickness or life's stresses. Many people actually suffer such a loss of appetite that they can start to lose weight, making them fairly skinny. Such a loss in weight can lead to other health problems, including a lowered immune system. In many cases, the loss of appetite can be attributed to stress. Either life at home or life at work can become so stressful and worrisome that a person can find it difficult to relax enough to eat.

Stress is interesting in that if people didn't suffer any stress at all, nothing would get done and if people suffer too much stress it can be harmful to the mind and body. Weight loss is just one example of how too much stress can be harmful to an individual. It could be that the person is trying to get the promotion they have been waiting to get for so long, or it could be that a kid is being bullied and harassed at school to the point where the student is constantly thinking about how they are going to make it through another day. It could also be stresses a parent is suffering at home, either from a child that seems to be acting up or relations with the spouse are not promising and are slowly working their way to the situation where divorce might be the answer. The severe loss of appetite and the corresponding loss of weight can be caused by the stress created from any number of situations; even the loss of a close loved one.

7 Days Weight Loss

When one is at a loss of how to deal with the stressful situation so that they can be more relaxed, it can greatly impact their health in a negative ways like loosing weight because they can't bring themselves to eat. It happens quite often where a person is so worried or stressed about a situation that they can't even think about food. When the worry and stress has come to such a point, it really is time that the person starts thinking about getting some help. Talking to a therapist or a counselor can be extremely helpful in that the professional can help the person address their issue(s) and then deal with it accordingly. Many people are contacting online therapists in order to ask questions or to get the help they need. Online therapy is becoming a more popular way for people to get help because they can contact a therapist from the comfort of their own home. Someone who is feeling excessively worried or stressed can easily get onto the internet, do a quick search and contact an online counselor who can help them put their worries at ease and reduce their stress. Getting this kind of help is usually beneficial because when the worries and stresses are dealt with and the person is more relaxed, they will start getting their appetite back and they can stop losing weight.

Does Stress Affect Weight Loss?

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Rapid Fat Loss - Mastering the Cheat Day

If you want to achieve rapid fat loss, you'll need to understand the science behind using a cheat day to your advantage. Indulging in a cheat day once per week sounds counterproductive, but is actually the key to faster fat loss.

Consider the fact that most diet plans always produce initial fat loss results, but then come to a screeching halt after just a few short weeks.

7 Days Weight Loss

Why is this? Why do you suppose rapid fat loss is so difficult to achieve, despite the hundreds of thousands of people who put forth great effort week in and week out?

After all, fat loss is simply a matter of burning off more calories than you're consuming on a daily basis. So it would make sense that as long as a fat loss seeker were to consistently maintain a caloric deficit, they would continue to lose weight and burn off unsightly body fat.

However, anyone who has been on a diet before will tell you that this is just not the case. In fact, no matter how strict one is with their weight loss regimen, the weight almost always comes back.

To understand this "fat loss curse" you need to know about the most important weight loss hormone you've probably never even heard of before. Leptin is a hormone that controls metabolism and hunger cravings.

After as little as one week of dieting to lose weight, leptin levels drop significantly. This leads to a series of events that causes your body to actually work against you and store more fat, plus increase your huger cravings. Most fad diets fail to account for this pesky little hormone called leptin and this is why nearly every single diet works at first, but fails in the end.

Finding a way to outsmart the body and overcome falling leptin levels is the solution to achieving rapid fat loss while dieting. We can do this by mastering the art of the cheat day.

By indulging in a high calorie, high carb and high fat cheat day once weekly, we can bump leptin levels back up into the normal range, which keeps your body primed for rapid fat loss week after week, despite being on a lower calorie diet plan (the other six days of the week).

To really use the cheat day to your lean body advantage, you can follow this up with a fast day, where your body can then burn through stubborn fat stores, thanks to a newly revved up metabolism from the cheat day.

Cheat days and fasting days are definitely advanced fat loss strategies and may not be appropriate for everyone. For more in-depth information on using a cheat day to finally achieve rapid fat loss, feel free to visit my blog and ask questions using the links below.

Losing weight and transforming your body into a lean, toned and ripped physique that turns heads really can be done - it just takes a more advanced and comprehensive program that tricks the body and dodges these natural defense mechanisms. Cheat days will be a huge piece of the body transformation puzzle and when combined with the perfect workout routine, you'll be able to reach your goals quickly.

Rapid Fat Loss - Mastering the Cheat Day

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Does Cabbage Soup Diet Help You To Loss Weight?

If you have been trying to lose weight for a long time, you may have come across the Cabbage Soup Diet. This easy to follow diet is a radical weight loss diet which claims that the more low-calorie cabbage soup you take over a period of 7 days, the more weight you will lose. In fact, this diet claims that you will see drastic weight loss of about 10 pounds within 7 days.

As this diet is designed for short-term weight loss and requires no long-term commitment, it is little wonder that it has become one of the most popular diet around. Another reason for its popularity is that with cabbage, which has negligible calorie, as the main ingredient of this fat burning soup, you need not worry about spending too much money on it or gaining weight.

So Does This Diet Work?
This do-it-yourself diet claims that you can lose up to 10 pounds within a week. While that may be true, nutritional experts have pointed out that the weight loss is mainly due to water loss and not fat. They noted that it is quite impossible to lose that much fat within a week. Another point to note is that the loss of weight from this diet is temporary and hence you will probably gain back your weight soon after that.

7 Days Weight Loss

Another point to note is that the original Cabbage Soup Diet tastes bland, hence many recipes for this diet has high salt content to make it palatable. For people who are not able to take such high sodium content, they should stay away from this diet. Dieters should should realise that there is practically no protein from this diet. As a result, people have reported feeling weak and light-headed during the course of the diet. One common reported side effect that result from the diet is flatulence. Hence, you should be prepared should you take up this diet. Of course, it is always advisable for you to consult your doctor before following this diet.

The fact is that Cabbage Soup Diet, although is a low-fat and high-fiber diet, is not a nutritionally balanced plan nor can it bring about permanent weight loss. With the emphasis on cabbage as a main ingredient, the diet lacks certain important vitamins and minerals. To follow this diet, you must also be prepared for the monotonous meals.

Personally I believe that this diet can be counter productive. Since the diet would force your body to go into slower metabolism, it would then encourage your body to hold on to your fat reserves. In the end, you may be only delaying your weight loss plan.

Does Cabbage Soup Diet Help You To Loss Weight?

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Permanent Weight Loss - How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Permanent weight loss is a process, and one that you will want to take one day at a time. I have found that you have to create a plan, stay with it, and make the necessary lifestyle changes to support it. You have to stay with your plan everyday, and be compassionate with yourself when you stray. If you do some things that are counterproductive to weight loss, simply start over the next day. You will want to work towards your goals to the best of your abilities, and think of every day as a new start.

A solid plan to take the weight off for good includes a diet that is low in fat and calories, and regular exercise. I have been working out and eating a low fat diet since March, and I have managed to lose about 40 pounds. There have been times, especially in the first few weeks where I would get overly frustrated with my diet and my weight. I would lose a few pounds, plateau, and lose a few more pounds. That is normal, and when you experience weight loss plateaus, you need to realize that they are really no big deal. I learned that you have to be patient with yourself, and keep on moving forward. Some tips that I used to get past the weight loss plateaus included drinking more water everyday, and doing more of my cardiovascular exercises with 5 miles of walking and jogging instead of just my normal 3 miles.

7 Days Weight Loss

If you are striving for permanent weight loss, you need to have a proper diet. When you are wanting to lose weight, you simply want to burn more calories than you take in. I choose a diet that is low in both fat and calories. There are a few simple ground rules that I follow too. For example, I always eat breakfast. A simple bowl of cereal with low fat milk, or a protein bar with a banana, or a breakfast smoothie loaded with fresh berries, and protein powder can be very satisfying, and give you the morning energy that you need.

The second diet trick I have been using is to eat when I am hungry. I have found that it is not about how often you eat, especially when you are exercising on a regular basis, it is what you are eating that really counts. Making good food choices that work with your diet and exercise plan are critical for your success.

Regular exercise is the best part of permanent weight loss. If you are getting up and moving for at least 20 to 30 minutes at least 3 to 5 days a week, you will start to burn calories and fat. My own workouts for weight loss include nightly runs on my treadmill. I alternate between walking and running for about 50 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes 4 to 5 days a week. I also walk to my local grocery store a couple of times a week to get fresh air and a few more miles of exercise in for the week.

The secret to keeping the weight off is to keep working at it. Don't jump in, overwhelm yourself and give up. Take pleasure in the challenge, and really put in the work everyday. When you turn your attention to what you really need, you can experience really powerful results.

Permanent Weight Loss - How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

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Get Moving After Weight Loss Surgery With a 12-Week Walking Program

Patients who undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss are instructed to exercise daily as part of their lifestyle changes for weight loss and improved health. A walking program is a great way to accomplish daily exercise and may be started as soon after surgery as the doctor will allow. This 12-week program gets patients moving, one step at a time, to better health and happier living.

Week 1: Take two 5-minute walks every day. Week one begins as soon as you are released from the hospital. Because of your recent major surgery and your past sedentary habits you may have poor endurance. By starting with 5-minute walks you will not become exhausted or discouraged, you will begin to build strength.

7 Days Weight Loss

Week 2: Take two 7-minute walks every day. Go at your own pace. If at the end of 7 minutes you feel like walking further continue, but no more than 10-minute intervals. You are getting stronger, congratulations!

Week 3: Take two 10-minute walks every day. Your abdomen will be healing now, concentrate on your posture. Good posture allows muscles to be used more efficiently. Enjoy the scenery and your improving health during your 10-minute walks.

Week 4: Take two 15-minute walks every day at your own pace. Congratulations! You are meeting the goal of 30 minutes of exercise each day. Doesn't it feel great?

Weeks 5-8: Gradually shift from two daily 15-minute walks to one walking session of 30 minutes each day! Make sure as you transition from two short walks to one long walk that your total walking time for the day equals 30 minutes. For example, one 20 minute walk and one ten minute walk. Walk proudly, swing those arms and applaud yourself! You are doing an excellent thing for your physical and mental health.

Weeks 9-12: By now you have healed from your surgery, you are experiencing great success with your weight loss. It is time to pick up the pace and cover more distance in your 30 minutes of daily walking. Try each day to walk just a little bit further. Step proudly and get moving - you are going to love how good you feel!

Still not convinced walking is for you? Have some excuses you are using to deny your body and mind the pleasure of physical motion? Read on!

Not enough time to walk? I don't think so! Not when in the beginning you only need to walk 10 minutes a day - and by week twelve you are spending one-half hour a day walking! That's a half-hour sitcom, surely you can squeeze that amount of time into your day to make your life healthier and more meaningful. One walking group claims time is all we have and walking for exercise will probably extend your time on earth! Bottom line: You don't have time not to walk! Afraid you might injure yourself walking? Probably not. Walking is about the safest form of exercise around - in fact, walking injuries are slight such as blisters, mild cramping, or sore knees and joints. If you follow the program above and build up your endurance and strength you are at slim risk for injury. A cautionary word, pedestrians are killed by motor vehicles. Outdoor fitness walkers can avoid this fate by using walking trails or sidewalks. Walk facing traffic, wearing light colors and reflective clothing and double-check both ways before crossing streets. Too embarrassed by your size to be seen "exercising" in public? Admittedly, this is my personal favorite excuse, and I don't think I'm alone. I'm lucky enough to have a treadmill in the basement, and even at a healthy weight, I prefer the privacy of my home to walk for fitness. If you don't have a treadmill another option is a walking fitness video that will have you marching about in front of the TV building cardiovascular supremacy in the privacy of your own world. Try Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds" video.

Exercise may be the most difficult change to incorporate into your lifestyle after weight loss surgery. Unlike the food restrictions necessary to affect weight loss, exercise does not come with surgically achieved tool to help you. Exercise is entirely up to you. Times have changed. Consistent moderate exercise has replaced the no-pain, no-gain torture of decades past. Exercise and fitness has become more pleasurable and less injurious. Daily exercise improves our physical appearance, our health and our overall sense of well being. We must not cheat ourselves the innumerable positive benefits exercise brings to living. Start slowly, set reasonable goals. Reach and surpass those goals. Your life now, after weight loss surgery, is about health and wellness. This can only be achieved with a commitment to physical movement.

Get Moving After Weight Loss Surgery With a 12-Week Walking Program

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General Motors Weight Loss Diet

The General Motors Diet was actually created for employees of the organization but the diet soon became very popular worldwide. The diet is perfect if you're looking for a fast weight loss plan.

This diet is not the original diet plan. It has been modified to include healthier food options, which will not make you feel feverish or weak.

7 Days Weight Loss

According to the diet, the following things need to be kept in mind:

- complete abstinence from alcohol
- you must take 10 to 15 glasses of water everyday
- you may consume water flavored with lemon, club soda and black coffee, without any cream, substitutes or sugar

If you feel weak during the course of your diet, supplement it with multivitamins like vitamin tablets. You can also have cabbage soup on all 7 days.


The first day will prepare your body for the following week. Your diet should include only fruits, preferably cantaloupe (also called musk melon) only. No bananas. Ideally, a cantaloupe diet on the first day will help you lose 3-4 lbs on the first day itself.


Eat vegetables of your choice in any quantity, they can be raw or cooked. Cooked vegetables does not include vegetables made in curry or with spices. Take steamed or lightly sauteed vegetables with a little butter or salad dressing. You may choose to have a baked potato in breakfast but you should take zero calorie, high nutrition vegetables for the rest of the day. Eg: Boiled spinach, carrots, peas.


Take fruits and vegetables in any quantity. No bananas or potatoes. Day 3 will prepare the system to start burning excess pounds.


Take 8-10 bananas and 3-4 glasses of milk. This is done to make up for lost sodium and potassium.


You can have a small portion of lean meat. Vegetarians can replace meat with tofu or cottage cheese. You also need to eat 6 whole tomatoes. You may make a sandwich from these two in brown bread. Increase your water intake by 25%. Meat & cheese give the body iron and protein while tomatoes provide fiber, water helps cleanse the system of toxins.


Eat unlimited amounts of fish/chicken/tofu/cottage cheese.


Eat brown rice, fruits and vegetables. By Day 7, you will be feeling lighter from the cleansing. You can also use pulses as a protein substitute.

The GM Diet plan should only be followed once a month. Do not curb your hunger during the course of your diet.

General Motors Weight Loss Diet

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How To Loose 14 Pounds in 7 Days - Quickly, Safely, Easily and Permanently

Many people have a few pounds that they want to loose quickly and easily, most of all safely and permanently.
We have discovered a number of successful ways to loose weight and combined them into a quick and easy formula. These should produce excellent results.

Before you start with this diet, it is important that you are not pregnant, breastfeeding or not in good health.
This diet should also not be attempted by morbidly obese people.

7 Days Weight Loss

Steps for 14 Pound Weight Loss in 7 Days

1) Drink at least 4 litres of water every day.

2) Cut out all Alcohol.

3) Do not drink any carbonated drinks, even diet drinks.

4) Stop eating foods that have a high content of sugar. IE: Chocolate & Cakes.

5) Decrease the amount of Carbohydrates you are eating by 60%. IE: Potatoes

6) Eat at least 6 portions of Fruit and Vegetables every day.

7) You may continue to eat food that is high in protein as usual.

You should eat your three main meals in a size decreasing order, this means that your biggest meal is Breakfast, your medium sized meal is lunch and your smallest meal is supper.
You should also have three snacks throughout the day. I suggest that you have them between meals, this means that you won't get very hungry and over indulge when it comes to meal times.

It is also recommended that you do thirty minutes of exercise every day. This may include a brisk walk or a forty five minute bicycle ride.
It is important that you get your heart rate up whilst doing your exercise, it's not going to do you any good if you take it too easy, you need to work up a bit of a sweat.

Getting a good nights rest is also important when it comes to loosing weight, 75% of people that get a good nights sleep are slimmer than their counterparts that don't get at least 7 hours a night.
We can't over emphasise the need for a good nights rest.

Staying in shape is good for the body and mind alike. Regular exercise can help with depression and when you are feeling generally unhappy.
Loosing a few pounds should also help your self confidence and you general feeling of happiness.

How To Loose 14 Pounds in 7 Days - Quickly, Safely, Easily and Permanently

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Are You Ready to Change Your Life? The 7 Most Important Tools for Weight Loss!

With just a few special "tools", you can be prepared for your weight loss journey and dramatically increase your chances of being successful:

A journal of some sort is incredibly useful when beginning any type of weight loss journey. Depending on your preference, this could be a formal journal created for this purpose or something as simple as a calendar with plenty of space to record your daily food intake and activity. The importance of writing down everything you eat must not be underestimated! You will always think you ate less than you did in a given day. Write down everything that goes in your mouth, even if you know it won't help you reach your goal. No one is going to see your journal but you, so you gain nothing by leaving it out-except maybe pounds! Journals can useful too, down the road, when you want to repeat a particularly successful week.

7 Days Weight Loss

A food scale is a very useful tool. Even if you are not the type of person to weigh and measure your food consistently, food scales are great to help you learn what a proper portion size looks like. Until you can control your portions, you will not be able to control your weight! These scales come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and price ranges. It is not necessary to spend a small fortune. Ideally, the scale would measure in both ounces and grams.

A set of measuring cups and measuring spoons is necessary for the same reason. Who knew a tablespoon of olive oil was such a small amount?

While certainly not necessary, a blender can be very useful. Smoothies are an easy way to get in the recommended dairy and fruit servings each day.

A scale for body weight is a good idea. Weekly weigh-ins are recommended when trying to lose weight, due to those frustrating daily fluctuations, but daily weigh-ins are a great way to help with maintenance, once your ideal weight has been reached.

A tape measure is a great tool for weight loss. Many times when the scale does not show a decrease in weight, the tape measure can provide assurance that you're on the right track.

One of the most "economical tools" is a walking program. Comfortable walking shoes are the only necessary item for this exercise although a pedometer might be fun. If you're at all competitive, you may enjoy increasing your steps daily or weekly. Most fitness experts recommend that you aim for 10,000 steps each day, which is roughly equivalent to walking five miles.

Have these tools ready when you begin your weight loss program and you will be shopping for new clothes in no time!

Are You Ready to Change Your Life? The 7 Most Important Tools for Weight Loss!

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Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days Or Less

If you want to lose more than ten pounds in seven or less days then you don't have to look any further. If you think that counting calories and starving yourself to death will help you in achieving the body of your dreams, then you need to think again. Below is a sure shot way for you to lose weight in days.

The only way you can effectively burn your body fat is to speed of your metabolism. This can turn your body into a machine that can burn fats even when you are asleep. So you can be losing those extra pounds in your sleep.

7 Days Weight Loss

Also you can get fit without having the need to visit the gym or starving yourself to death. You would get the firm, fit and healthy body of your dream by literally melting away all your fats.

So the question arises "How can you manage to do it?"

You don't need to count your calories, but you should keep your calorie intake at minimum by avoiding sugar and fatty foods. Doing that reduces the amount of work that needed to be done to get your body back in shape.

Secondly, you need to take a health supplement which would increase your body's metabolic function. The most popular among such supplement is the acai berry. Acai berry is found in Brazilian rain forests and is known to cause wonders to dieters. It takes your metabolism to the next level. You would burn all your fats at a very high rate. Besides that, acai berry is a very powerful antioxidant. It will raise your energy levels and make you very healthy.

Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days Or Less

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Walking For Weight Loss

It is a generally well accepted fact that exercise burns calories and can increase the overall health of both body and mind. Most of us also recognize that walking is one of the simplest and most effective exercises for weight loss and health. What many people don't realize is that they might not be getting the most effective returns on their efforts. It actually requires just a little tweaking of a simple walking program to make it more effective as a weight loss program.

Many experts recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of sustained physical activity every day for health. However, 30 minutes of walking a day, while it may initially cause some welcome and valuable weight loss for an overweight individual, is often not going to be the final answer. The initial weight loss results will probably not be sustained as the body makes adjustments and learns to accept the new demands made on it.

7 Days Weight Loss

Rest assured, walking (or participating in other activities) for a sustained 30 minutes a day WILL result in better health, a greater level of energy and well-being, as well as producing SOME weight loss. However, anyone seriously overweight will probably not create the sustained, permanent weight loss they seek with only 30 minutes a day.

It's a matter of time.

Due to the manner in which the body draws on stored fat vs. other stored energy reserves, the first, and most valuable step, once you have gotten in the habit of walking, will be to increase the amount of time the activity is performed. Forty-five minutes is better than 30, and 60 is better than 45 minutes.

Admittedly, walking an hour a day, six or seven times a week may be difficult for some to fit into their schedules. However, simply increasing the time to 45 or 60 minutes of activity two or three times a week will produce more weight loss than keeping all walks at 30 minutes.

Another technique is to increase the speed with which you walk on the days that you do not walk more than 30 minutes. This also has the benefit of conditioning the body in a slightly different manner than the slower paced, longer walks. Remember, no walk should introduce extreme difficulty in breathing. A rule of thumb is that if you cannot talk and walk, you are attempting to either go too fast or too far. Always build up slowly to new levels of exertion.

You may also want to consider adding resistance training, such as with free weights, or equipment such as a Bowflex or Total Gym, or similar exercise apparatus. This builds muscle tissue which will burn more calories even in a resting state. Additionally, walking exercises only certain muscles and muscle groups. A resistance training program can be used to train muscle groups generally not included in walking.

Although the extended 45 and 60 minute walks will be somewhat more effective if done at one time, two 30 minute walks in a day will be more beneficial for fitness and weight loss than only one. In fact, many experts recommend getting a pedometer and simply trying to make sure you get 10,000 steps every day.

I would like to take a moment to address walking vs. running as a weight loss program.

Certainly, if you train to the point where you can run certain distances in certain times, you will almost certainly experience a major weight loss if that is what your body needs. However, you can get just as fit as a runner by walking with a great deal less danger of injury. A beginning walker in particular is more likely to experience less discomfort during and after an exercise period than a beginning runner.

Once you have built up muscles and stamina, you may wish to move into a running program. Also, in the beginning of any exercise program, whether for weight loss or physical fitness, extreme demands on the body and one's physical, mental, and motivational resources may result in the program being dropped. It is generally easier to slip into a permanent walking program from a sedentary lifestyle than a running program.

One last argument for at least beginning with a walking program is that you can sneak into a walking program without any special equipment or preparation, and no one but you needs to know that the shopping trip to the mall was actually your secret walk for the day. My mother is going to be 90 this year. She often drives to a nearby store and shops for a while, putting things in her basket as she walks around the store. Then she walks around the store some more and puts it all back. That way, she gets in the walk, is stabilized by the cart, and has to reach, stretch, lift, and bend in a safe, comfortable, air-conditioned setting. It's an added bonus that my son-in-law is one of the managers in that store.

There's an old saying that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...so does a successful weight loss program.

Walking For Weight Loss

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A 7 Day Metabolism Diet Plan - How to Lose Weight Fast in a Week

A 7-Day Metabolism Diet Plan is a program that will closely monitor your calorie intake and will give you the result you have been dreaming of for years in just few days. To start with, we only have two important rules that you have to know before deciding to follow our 7-Day Metabolism Diet Plan.

1. Keep yourself with proper hydration. It is necessary that you drink at least four glasses of water or diet soda every day

7 Days Weight Loss

2. Use spices to bring flavor to food and to make you feel full faster: ketchup, soy sauce, mustard, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, lemon, salt, herbs, and pepper.

Below is an example of a 7-Day Metabolism Diet Plan:

A. You can start on a Monday and count it as the first day. For breakfast, have a tea with equal sugar or black coffee. Lunch can be a little heavier like two hard-boiled eggs and one cup cooked spinach. Dinner can be one celery or lettuce salad and one six-ounce steak.

B. Tuesday's breakfast can be coffee again or tea with equal sugar and a water cracker. Lunch can be one celery or lettuce salad, one six-ounce grilled steak and dinner is eight oz. ham.

C. Wednesday can be same breakfast and dinner, but lunch can be two hard-boiled eggs, one cup green beans and one cup tomatoes.

D. Thursday's breakfast is the same while lunch is a hard-boiled egg and one raw carrot. Dinner is a cup of plain yogurt and a cup of fruit salad.

E. Friday's breakfast is black coffee and a raw carrot; lunch is a steamed fish with tomato salad; and a six-ounce steak green salad.

F. Saturday starts with green tea followed by an eight-ounce skinless broiled chicken and two hard-boiled eggs and a carrot.

G. Sunday starts with tea with lemon and then eight-ounce broiled steak, followed by a sensible proper dinner to mark the end of the week.

A 7 Day Metabolism Diet Plan - How to Lose Weight Fast in a Week

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