Weight Loss - Lose 7 Pounds in Three Days

If you want to slim down fast, then here is a plan for you. It's a three day metabolic jump start, one built on foods that decrease hunger as they increase calorie burn.

People who have tried many other diets have had great success with this plan. It uses thermogenic foods, which boost metabolism up to 20%. Dieters say they can literally feel their metabolism heat up. They also claim to be more satisfied with less food. They say they didn't fail on the other diets, the other diets failed them. This one works.

7 Days Weight Loss

Here are some the metabolism boosting foods.

Eggs: proteins stimulate the metabolism more than any other nutrient, and eggs are perhaps the most nutrient dense of all proteins.

Salsa - Capsaicin, (what that gives peppers in their heat), stimulates the release of adrenaline, revving metabolism by up to 20%.

Coffee -The amount of caffeine in two cups of coffee cuts hunger by 35% and revs metabolism by about 50 cal.

Steel cut oatmeal - Extra fiber means this hot cereal help flush calories through the intestines unabsorbed. The fiber is so filling, people who have it at breakfast consume 33% less at midday.

Coconut oil - The complex makeup of this organic fat stimulates metabolism as it is broken down, revving up calorie burn by up to 50%.

Cinnamon - Only one half teaspoon of cinnamon makes your body metabolize sugar 20 times quicker, resulting in less hunger and fewer fat storage hormones.

Apple cider vinegar - The acetic acid in vinegar cuts the production of fat storage hormones and so the food you eat makes your appetite feel more satiated.

Seafood - Salmon and tuna.have anti-hunger and anti-craving properties that also boost your metabolic rate, so that you can lose up to 20% more weight.

Nuts. Studies show that eating nuts can make you feel full for up to 60 minutes longer than if you ate the a non fat food with the same amount of calories.

Weight Loss - Lose 7 Pounds in Three Days

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