Dr Oz's Acai Berry Diet & Colon Cleanse - Truth Revealed About This Weight Loss Secret

Dr. Oz in Oprah once said that if the colon is healthy, the mind is happy. That is an odd if not a fun way to put it, but who could argue with a doctor of his caliber? Truth is a healthy digestive system is a hallmark of a healthy body, this is why there is a need for agents for cleansing the colon. When the digestive system suffers, the whole body does too. Most of the ailments and discomfort here are funneled in a way in the colon. The importance of having a colon working efficiently can not be over emphasized since the colon alone could trigger sixty different kind disorders.

The acai berry has long been regarded as a good agent for cleansing the colon due to its inherent detoxification properties and high fiber content that are far from being equaled by other fiber rich foods. This is especially true in more developed countries where the staple are usually fat rich, low fiber diets.

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Consuming food that is low in fiber makes it very hard for the digestive system to flush out unwanted food materials in the body. Overtime, the food remains that are not effectively flushed out transforms into stronger toxins and forms plaques in the colon restricting waste passages where continues and faster build up is triggered. The natural ability to fight harmful elements depends largely from individual to individual but given time, the results are the same. The bacteria, microorganisms and other toxins that have accumulated enough will start attacking the lining of the colon that eventually leads into more serious disorders.

Dr Oz's Acai Berry Diet & Colon Cleanse - Truth Revealed About This Weight Loss Secret

Acai berry is one of the most effective, natural agents for cleansing the colon. Its natural detoxification agents work efficiently, no matter the age of the person. What is more, the antioxidants in the acai berry keeps on working days after, in limiting toxins and plaques, on and on a continuous cleansing process.

Dr Oz's Acai Berry Diet & Colon Cleanse - Truth Revealed About This Weight Loss Secret

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