Regime seven days a week - I expected the weight loss of up to 4 kg per week.

Regime seven days a week - I expected the weight loss of up to 4 kg per week. Day 1 [of fruit] - one of the regime to start with your diet, eating whole fruit. You may eat the fruit of your choice and in any quantity there is no limit to eat until your stomach is full. In case you did not find the fruit in a shop nearby, you can replace it with fruit juice. But avoid fruit juice with preservatives in it, they do not really do any good in this case, when one day you'll have to eat fruit only, and do not forget to drink at least 7 glasses of water.
The fruit is not your dish in a banana, other fruits, all is ok but not limited to just one banana fruit has so many different fruits as you can.
2 days [vegetables] - This is a day of vegetables. If you wish, you may have, raw vegetables and / or cooked to eat as much as you want, no limit if you want to cook vegetables, you may do so. But avoid using the oil as you cook, seven glasses of water a day.
3 days [of fruit and vegetables] - on the third day you eat a mixture of fruit and vegetables, limit intake until you fill your stomach.นอกจากนี้กินกล้วยหนึ่งในวันนี้เพียงหนึ่ง!
4 days [vegetable, banana and milk] - These days you eat the banana, 6, 3 cups of milk and small quantities of vegetables. In the morning, your breakfast will start with two bananas and a large glass of milk. You will do this for your lunch in the afternoon. In the evening, two bananas, vegetables and drink a glass of milk.
5 days [tomato rice] - Today, you'll have a cup of rice and six tomatoes (medium), and because you have lots of tomatoes, drink 10 glasses of water today.
6 days [of rice and vegetables] - one cup of rice and vegetables, raw / cooked, your choice. It's recommended that you eat in the morning and for the rest of the vegetables.
7 days [fruits, vegetables and rice] - about seven days, eating fruits, vegetables and rice, you may substitute 1 cup of vegetables and fruits with fruit juice as well. But that would be avoided.
Regime of this diet works by burning more fat than the store, and since it would avoid all types of food items that eventually get converted to fat, which becomes part of your body. lose weight faster and are not harmful.