Weight Loss Basics

Many people struggle with body image and weight issues at some point in their life. Due to the high number of advertising avenues, fad diets and miracle pills, it is no wonder that most people don't know when or how to approach weight loss. With all of this confusion I think it is time to bring it "back to the basics". The following tips are simple guidelines that you can follow to achieve weight loss and lead a healthier life.

To start any weight loss program you will need to clearly establish and define "realistic" goals. Write down why you want to lose weight, benefits that can result from weight loss and specific changes you are making to your diet. By doing this, you are able to see if the changes you made are contributing towards your weight loss goals. Keep in mind that ½ to 2 pounds of weight loss each week is reasonable.

7 Days Weight Loss

Before you can reach any goal you have to start somewhere. Start by weighing yourself and creating a food journal for one week. It is important to chart your progress during your weight loss journey. In this food journal keep track of everything you eat and drink as well as how you are feeling at that very moment. This part is crucial because it will reveal eating patterns that may have become habit.

Review your food journal after recording food intake for one week. Look for any patterns in your eating habits and make a commitment to change! For example, you may want to skip the high calorie snacks like brownies or chips and snack on fruits or vegetables instead. If soda is a large contributor to daily caloric intake you may want to switch to diet soda or drink water instead. You should try to drink 6 to 8 cups of water each day; you will find that water is a natural hunger suppressant. The key here is to be consistent and you will see results. Keep in mind that life continually throws obstacles in your way so don't become discouraged if you loose 2 pounds the first week and only 1 pound the second.

Increasing the calories you burn will also aid in weight loss. Start out by taking a walk around the neighborhood and then gradually add intensity. Keep exercise exciting by trying new activities and/or equipment. For example, try swimming as an aerobic exercise instead of walking. Again, you will want to track your exercise activities each day in your weight loss journal.

Setting goals, reducing caloric intake and exercising are the main elements in weight loss. It is also important to eat regularly and not skip meals. When times get tough and you need a little encouragement don't be afraid to ask for support from family and friends. If you need more help or guidance see a dietician or join a weight loss support group. With these tips and a commitment to change you are well on your way to reaching your goals!

Weight Loss Basics

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Is Your Guinea Pig Losing Weight?

Weight loss is very common in guinea pigs and is not a cause for panic. But when you notice your guinea pig losing weight, you should monitor the situation very carefully to make sure everything's going right. Naturally, this means you should regularly weigh your pig (twice a week is advisable) and look for a significant change in weight.

How much is a "significant" change in weight?

7 Days Weight Loss

A guinea pig's weight will normally differ by a few grams every time you weigh. This is because of hydration, food (or lack thereof) etc. So a difference of up to 35 grams (1.2 ounces) per week shouldn't be too much of a concern. However, if the weight drop is above this level, you should certainly take notice. A drop of over 85 grams (3 ounces) almost certainly means an emergency and you should rush to the vet right away.

What to do if you notice a weight loss.

If you notice a significant weight loss of over 2 ounces, you should check to see if your pig has been eating and drinking properly. Most of the time, insufficient nutrition is the culprit. Don't be fooled simply by seeing empty food bowls, though, because guinea pigs sometimes stow away their food instead of eating it. So even if all the food has disappeared, the pig might not have eaten it all.

If you find that your pig won't eat properly, you can quickly try changing his or her diet. Buy a different brand of guinea pig food, spice up the menu with different fruits, vegetables etc. If it still doesn't work, then there's a problem and you need to see a vet. Until you see one, you should make sure the pig is decently fed even if it means force-feeding him or her. Force-feeding should be done very carefully with the help of a clean syringe.

What is the average weight of a guinea pig?

Sometimes, you may notice that your pig loses weight within the safe range but the weight keeps dropping week after week. Such consistent loss is alright as long as the cavy doesn't gradually go too light. Obviously, every guinea pig is different and has its own natural weight but if your pig is an adult female, her weight shouldn't normally drop below 1.5 lb. (24 ounces) and if male, his weight should be no less than 2 lb (32 ounces). The only exception to this rule is if your piggy is of an unusually small frame.

Possible diseases

A number of diseases can cause your guinea pig to lose weight fast. The most common of these are malocclusion and scurvy, either of which may be diagnosed by your veterinarian. Sometimes, problems in the pig's teeth can also hurt the pig while eating, discouraging him from eating anything; this can also contribute to weight loss.

Is Your Guinea Pig Losing Weight?

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Banana Diet - 1 of the Easiest Ways to Lose Weight If You Do it Right

The banana diet is 1 of the best and easiest ways to help boost your weight loss efforts. It appears there are many versions of this diet... and I also have a version of this diet. A lot of the other versions of this diet just seem plain silly and not very practical.

Here's an easy to use version that will give you slow, steady weight loss. This is not an extreme diet like you may think.

7 Days Weight Loss

You may think that the banana diet consists of eating just bananas all day. Wrong! Obviously that isn't very practical or smart. There is just 1 main rule to this diet and another general rule...

Rule #1: Eat 1-2 bananas before each meal... minimum of 3 times a day.

Very simple, huh? Not much to think about. If you eat, you're going to eat 1-2 bananas before your meal. Practical, easy, healthy, and not much to remember.

Before breakfast, eat 2 bananas. Before lunch, eat 2 bananas. Before dinner, eat 1 banana. So you eat 5 total bananas a day.

Rule #2: Eat whatever you want for meals.

This rule is simple... eat whatever you want, just as long as you eat 2 bananas before breakfast, 2 bananas before lunch, and 1 banana before dinner. Obviously eating healthier than normal would help your weight loss efforts even more, but it's not 100% necessary.

Bonus Rule: You can replace 1 banana with an apple before breakfast and lunch.

As mentioned, you can replace a banana with an apple before breakfast and lunch. This is to help relieve possible boredom. Nothing more.

I honestly don't know how much weight you will lose on this or any other diets that use bananas, however you should notice a steady weight loss. It won't be extremely fast, so if that's what you're looking for... forget the banana diet.

Banana Diet - 1 of the Easiest Ways to Lose Weight If You Do it Right

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Worst Foods For Weight Loss Plans

Food has a lot to do with weight, once you have a plan on losing weight, a healthy start should always begin by sorting out the foods in your kitchen that are contributors of fats. Pick the foods that you should stock in your fridge. They should always be foods that are healthy weight loss alternatives that can pick you up with your diet pitfalls.

If you are too serious about weight loss, then you must learn how to avoid eating the unhealthy foods and you must refrain from unhealthy lifestyle no matter what it takes. Unhealthy foods such as junk foods, burgers and ice cream are absolutely the worst foods for weight loss. So if you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy body, then keep your fridge full with the chosen fresh foods that will definitely benefit your weight loss plans.

7 Days Weight Loss

Stocking your fridge with healthy foods doesn't mean that you can no longer eat these foods for the rest of your life. You can actually treat yourself occasionally. It just simply means avoid making them a regular habit of your diet because they will only ruin your efforts to lose weight without noticing it. And what's worse is that you will just notice you are losing track.

Here are a few tips of what and what not helps your weight loss plans, here are the worst foods for weight loss.

Saturated fat/trans fat: These fats raises the levels of cholesterol in your blood, so as much as possible eliminate if not reduce the amount of these fats in your food.

Table Sugar: This is actually a bunch of empty calories. They have zero nutritional value so it's just best to have them in moderation. Too much of table sugar can cause diabetes and may result to weight gain as well.

Bread, pasta, and baked macaroni with cheese: Sometimes people include these foods in their plan to lpse weight. They misunderstood bread and pasta is good, however they could actually contain empty calories and sugar. It contains white flour that is full of empty calories.

Sodium: Reduce the amount of salt content in your food because this can add to your weight and it can cause high risk disease on your kidneys too. One of the many reasons why eating in fast foods every day recommended for your weight loss plans, is because most of the foods have huge amount of salt in it. Sodium is found in most prepackaged foods and is very addictive.

Dried/Preserved Fruits: Fruits are actually very healthy in its very essence and is generally recommended to be eaten ever day as part of a healthy meal. However, this should also be eaten in moderation. In a case of a processed or dried fruits they are actually losing the healthiness in its original sense. As it goes several food processing, many of the healthy nutrients are lost plus food preservatives are added in the making. Huge amount of sweeteners that are very unhealthy are added to it that can make it classified as the worst foods for weight loss.

Worst Foods For Weight Loss Plans

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How to Lose 10 Pounds in Less Than 7 Days

Many people who are trying to lose weight fast are interested in how to lose 10 pounds in 7 days or less than 7 days. Is it really possible for you to lose 10 pounds in less than 7 days? In this article, I will show you how to reach this weight loss goal easily.

Before you are get started, if you decide you really need to lose 10 pounds in less than 7 days , consider this: you need to burn 3500 calories to lose a single pound, so over the course of your week, you have to burn 35,000 calories from your body. You have to cut 5000 calories each day on average. To achieve this goal you can use some extreme ways such as change your diet and your activity level.

7 Days Weight Loss

Prepare healthy meals and snacks through your day but eat only half! It is very important to fast weight loss because it is the best way to cut down your daily calorie intake. Drinking a lot of water and stop eating any salt is also important, since salt makes your body to retain water, so avoid foods high in sodium you will lose more water weight in a short time. Drinking water will boost your metabolism and flush out the toxins form your system. To burn calories faster you eat 5 to 6 times per day, about every 3 hours because eat meals frequently will boost your metabolism.

If you want to lose 10 pounds in less than 7 days you must do intense physical training. Because it is the only way to burn much fat in just few days. As one of the best ways to burn fat is to do intensive cardio like swimming, running, hiking, bicycling.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in Less Than 7 Days

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7 Forms of Insulin Used For Diabetes Treatment

All insulin is not the same. Insulin actually comes in several forms. Each of these forms are designed to work at different rates. These different forms of insulin are used because those with diabetes have very poorly regulated blood glucose levels in a constant state of flux. Using these different forms of insulin that work at different rates is one way in which the blood glucose levels can be made more stable. The following are seven of the common forms of insulin that are commonly administered to a diabetic:

1. Lispro

7 Days Weight Loss

Lispro is a very rapid acting form of insulin. Within five minutes of administering Lispro blood glucose levels begin to drop. It remains active in lowering blood glucose levels for about 2.5 hours, though it is most effective when it has been in the blood about 1 hour. Because it does not remain active very long, Lispro has less chance of inducing a hypoglycemic reaction several hours later.

2. Normal insulin

Normal insulin starts working in about thirty minutes. It works most effectively after it has been in the body for about three hours, but it can continue working in the bloodstream for nearly seven hours.

3. NPH

This form of insulin has been designed to mimic the insulin produced inside the human body. It lowers blood glucose levels at a more consistent rate. It reaches its peak when it has been in the bloodstream about 2 hours, but remains at peak for up to 12 hours. It continues working for about 24 hours total, though not as vigorously in the last 10 hours.

4. Lente

Lente is another insulin that is designed to work like the insulin that naturally occurs inside the human body. It works over long periods of time, but takes about two hours to reach its peak effectiveness in lowering blood sugar. It will continue at its peak for about half of the day and then function more moderately the second half of the day.

5. Ultralente

Ultralente was designed with the idea of providing a once per day insulin option. It takes nearly six hours after taking Ultralente before it starts lowering blood glucose levels. However, it continues functioning effectively all day long.

6. Glargine

Glargine is a popular insulin that is used mainly with type 1 diabetes. This is a long acting form of insulin that is injected just once per twenty four hours. Great care must be taken not to contaminate this insulin with the other forms of insulin by using the same syringe or storage equipment.

7. Pre-Mixed Insulin

Pre-mixed insulins are popular because they help take patient dosage and administration errors out of the diabetic treatment equation.

7 Forms of Insulin Used For Diabetes Treatment

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