HCG Weight Loss

The HCG weight loss phenomenon has helped people burn off stored fat that causes weight problems. People who religiously adhere to the HCG diet lose 1 to 2 pounds per day, given that they follow a strict low calorie diet with the methods from which HCG is administered.

There are two ways of administering HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). First is through the traditional method, designed by Dr. Simeons, from which the original protocol of HCG injections is done in a daily basis. However, in the recent years HCG drops have been developed to steer clear of encounters with needles and the hassles of visiting the HCG clinic everyday. With the development of HCG drops, weight loss cannot get any more convenient and made simple.

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However, some naysayers would provide misinformation about HCG. One existing misinformation is that HCG does not make you lose any weight. This is true when you don't adhere to the proper instructions of going about your HCG diet. To lose weight through the HCG diet, you have to keep a low calorie diet. This means that you will have to forget about your normal day to day diet and abide by the rules of the HCG program, which is first and foremost a 500 calorie diet. From this misinformation, comes the second misinformation, which claims that HCG does not help in weight loss, but it is the low calorie diet that causes it. Though in a way, it is true to lose a lot of weight if you keep a low calorie diet, it is an unfortunate fact that without HCG, your body will lose the healthy fat and muscle as well.

As for HCG weight loss, it picks and eliminates unwanted fat, while leaving your body's healthy fat and muscle in place. It also allows your metabolism to restart, making it work harder and lose weight than it did before.

HCG Weight Loss

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