Lose Weight in 10 Days

Almost as impossible as it may sound, there are really diets these days that promise to give the weight you have been longing for so long in just a span of 10 days! Am I crazy? There is the cabbage soup diet which is a fat burning soup that comprises of small amounts of calorie. So the concept would be, the more soup you take it, the more fat you are going to shed. In this, a person is permitted to eat as much cabbage soup they longed for in a day and they are also allowed to drink a lot of water and occasional set of foods. This is good news for most dieters thinking that they do not have to starve to death just to get the body that they want.

According to telltale, cabbage diet was first used among hospitals, but this allegation was proven erroneous since there is no single hospital that claims they are practicing such on their own. Be reminded however that giving your body time to lose weight in 10 days is not a very good idea since your nourishment will be sacrificed. In view of this, medical advice is still needed before trying out the program.

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Guarantee! Simply eat as much of the soup for a week and you can say goodbye to 10-15 pounds! For best result, the cabbage recipe should vary each day; sometimes it may include low-calorie vegetables which include tomatoes, onion soup mix, onions, and tomato juice. Follow the daily food guide to truly lose weight in 10 days.

Another method to shed off ugly fats in 10 days is by calorie shifting. Truth is, because the body have its own routine in terms of the food you eat, it gets accustomed with the process of burning the same calorie day by day. With this, no matter if you indulged in normal diet and eat lesser than the usual, the body will eventually adapt to the change so it would also burn less. This result for people to think that eating less is a very slow process and sometime may not be effective in getting rid of unnecessary weight.

This is where calorie shifting comes into the scene, with a purpose of taking over the routine wherein you will have to consume 4 meals in each day but only food with different calorie values. The moment when the body recognizes this change, the body will try to go one with the adjustment that will lead in burning more calories than the usual.

Either you go for cabbage soup diet or calorie shifting, it does not really matter. They pose a great health risk given the fact that your body nutritional needs are deprived. How would you feel if you have a nicely shaped body but it is weakening all the time? With this, it is advisable to consult first a physician whether it would be safe to try it yourself. Never attempt to do this if you are suffering from a major physical illness, take your safety with utmost consideration.

Lose Weight in 10 Days

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