Are You Ready to Change Your Life? The 7 Most Important Tools for Weight Loss!

With just a few special "tools", you can be prepared for your weight loss journey and dramatically increase your chances of being successful:

A journal of some sort is incredibly useful when beginning any type of weight loss journey. Depending on your preference, this could be a formal journal created for this purpose or something as simple as a calendar with plenty of space to record your daily food intake and activity. The importance of writing down everything you eat must not be underestimated! You will always think you ate less than you did in a given day. Write down everything that goes in your mouth, even if you know it won't help you reach your goal. No one is going to see your journal but you, so you gain nothing by leaving it out-except maybe pounds! Journals can useful too, down the road, when you want to repeat a particularly successful week.

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A food scale is a very useful tool. Even if you are not the type of person to weigh and measure your food consistently, food scales are great to help you learn what a proper portion size looks like. Until you can control your portions, you will not be able to control your weight! These scales come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and price ranges. It is not necessary to spend a small fortune. Ideally, the scale would measure in both ounces and grams.

A set of measuring cups and measuring spoons is necessary for the same reason. Who knew a tablespoon of olive oil was such a small amount?

While certainly not necessary, a blender can be very useful. Smoothies are an easy way to get in the recommended dairy and fruit servings each day.

A scale for body weight is a good idea. Weekly weigh-ins are recommended when trying to lose weight, due to those frustrating daily fluctuations, but daily weigh-ins are a great way to help with maintenance, once your ideal weight has been reached.

A tape measure is a great tool for weight loss. Many times when the scale does not show a decrease in weight, the tape measure can provide assurance that you're on the right track.

One of the most "economical tools" is a walking program. Comfortable walking shoes are the only necessary item for this exercise although a pedometer might be fun. If you're at all competitive, you may enjoy increasing your steps daily or weekly. Most fitness experts recommend that you aim for 10,000 steps each day, which is roughly equivalent to walking five miles.

Have these tools ready when you begin your weight loss program and you will be shopping for new clothes in no time!

Are You Ready to Change Your Life? The 7 Most Important Tools for Weight Loss!

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