How to Lose 11 Pounds in One Week - The 6 Proven Methods That Helped Me Lose 11 in 7 Days

One afternoon I got a call from a friend inviting me out to the beach with 7 days notice. It was a paid vacation and someone dropped out and they had a free spot to come out. I hadn't seen this group of friends in years and I looked terrible, so I was desperate to lose weight. I managed to lose 11 pounds that week, but anyone should be able to lose AT LEAST one pound per day with this and manage to keep most of it off. Here is exactly what I did, from day 1, to lose all 11 pounds in 1 week:

1) I cut out any beverages that contained sugar. This eliminates any sort of soda or super sugary fruit juice, in addition to milk (contains lactose, which is sugar). Sugar is the number one enemy of diets - not only is it rich in calories, but most people don't know it triggers an insulin response and sends your body into FAT STORAGE MODE. Yeah, that's bad news. For this week, I only drank water, green tea (more on this in a minute), and occasionally coffee.

7 Days Weight Loss

2) I cut calories. If you're trying to lose weight, it's absolutely 100% necessary to cut calories, no matter what anyone tells you. It's science. I went from eating 2800 calories/day on average down to about 1500. This is drastic, but definitely not near starvation. My secret here is beans and eggs. Both are very high in protein, which is amazing for retaining muscle mass, and beans have a TON of fiber. Fiber is AMAZING for keeping you feeling full. For breakfast I'd make scrambled egg whites or egg whites on toast, and for lunch and dinner I'd have a medium sized can of beans cooked in tomato sauce. Just make sure your meals don't have sugar and hardly any fat. Go for fibrous veggies on the side, and eat lots of meat (fish, chicken, lean red meat). Protein is king here.

3) I timed out my meals well. What this means is no eating 2 hours before bed, mainly protein-only for dinner (chicken breast with broccoli, beans in a little tomato sauce, egg whites, etc). If you're gonna do carbs, like eggs on toast, do it in the morning. Make sure you split up your meals into smaller portions, eaten more often. I was eating 5 smaller meals per day instead of 3 big ones. This not only kept me fuller longer, but it boosted my metabolism and allowed my body to burn more calories even just sitting around

4) LOTS of GREEN TEA. Green tea is absolutely amazing. Not only does it give you great energy, but it turbocharges your metabolism to burn more calories, AND it squashes your appetite by keeping you full and preventing you from getting hungry. If there is one diet tool I can recommend you out of anything, it's drink lots and lots of freshly brewed green tea.

5) Exercise. Lets be real, I knew I wouldn't hit double digit weight loss without exercising. Fortunately my diet was right so I didn't have to kill myself exercising, but I definitely went on a brisk 30 minute walk twice daily. This will keep you active, burn calories, tighten up your legs and core, and it's proven that exercise kills your appetite (believe it or not)

6) I kept myself busy, and drank lots of water. When I wasn't drinking green tea, I drank plenty of ice cold water. The coldness spiked my metabolism in addition to keeping me full. Staying busy will distract your appetite, which shouldn't even be bad if you're drinking plenty of fluids. Pop a multivitamin.

How to Lose 11 Pounds in One Week - The 6 Proven Methods That Helped Me Lose 11 in 7 Days

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